i realized that i never mentioned the dream i am chasing.

let’s see… where to start? let’s start at the very beginning. a very good place to start.
compliments of julie andrews from the sound of mucus.

i was the second child in my family. born on october twenty second, nineteen eighty five, on an air force base in altus, oklahoma, to a bank manager and a tech. sergeant of the u.s. air force. i have an older brother that was born november fifth, nineteen seventy nine. three years after the birth of yours truly, my father was station overseas. we packed our things and were off to an air force base, by the name of woodbridge, in beautiful england. i don’t remember much about living in england except that it rained all the time and stayed foggy. at the age of seven my dad retired from the air force after twenty three years. so, it was goodbye england, hello *cough* alabama.

we moved into our house in cullman, al, on may twenty fifth, nineteen ninety three. the next day, unbeknownst to me, there was a family reunion of some sort to celebrate our return home. this marks the first day i heard the southern accent, and the first time i had ever seen someone with missing teeth. welcome home.

the day i met the rest of the family, i vowed that i would do anything in my power to not wind up like them. i will have all my teeth, i will not have a southern drawl, and i will not live in a single wide next to a cow pasture. i’m exaggerating a little, of course, but this was mostly true.

i started third grade the following august.

fast forward three years.

i am now ten years old and starting the sixth grade. in most school systems in alabama you are given the option in sixth grade to join choir or band. this is where it all starts. i chose band. the first day of band was spent trying all the different instruments. after several aneurysms (exaggerating, again) i -with the help of my teacher – decided which instrument i should play. the clarinet. so, with the excitement that every ten year old has, i ran home as fast as i could from school (one whole block) to break the news to my parents that i had chosen to play the clarinet. when i told them what i had chosen, there was an immediate ‘no’ from my mother. upon interrogation, i got out of her that the clarinet is for girls, and that i am going to play the saxophone.

-control freak-

after explaining to her that i couldn’t even make a noise on the saxophone, she asked for my second option which happened to be the drums. once again, ‘no’.

-control freak-

so, we compromised on the trumpet.

don’t get me wrong, once i got the instrument, i fell in love. in the end i was doing what i wanted to do – making music.

fast forward through middle school.

i am now a freshman in high school. i didn’t make the top band. i was pissed. so, that entire year i busted my hump to be better. i went from first chair in our second band to fifth chair in our top band my sophomore year to three seniors and a junior. pretty impressive. once again, i busted my hump. junior year i was second chair to the guy who was previously a junior, adam. in our overall tryout score, he beat me by half of a point after the seniority points were factored in, which in turn told me that i had actually beaten him by two points. again, i busted my hump. senior year, first chair. hell yeah. i did it.

now it’s time to start deciding where i want to go to college. i chose auburn university. applied. got accepted. didn’t reserve a dorm in time. couldn’t go. so, i took a scholarship i had earned to a community college. my band director told my parents that i should attend the university of montevallo instead. we looked into it. i applied. got accepted. auditioned for a scholarship. got it. thus starts the decline in my love for my instrument.

i wanted nothing more than to teach band. after my freshman year, i changed my major to trumpet performance. i couldn’t handle all the little kids in the classes i had to observe. i then became principal trumpet for the ensemble. after another two years, i lost all interest in the trumpet. i was unbeatable. i felt that i had mastered it. i gave my junior recital my sophomore year. i was awesome, but i hated it. went through a depression period. third year of college, i auditioned for a musical. songs for a new world by jason robert brown. thus starts the dream.

after being heckled by the ‘rents for doing something outside of the box, i decided i wanted to change my major to musical theatre.

insert the -control freak- here. mom said no.

i had worked too hard and spent too much money to change.

i dropped out of school. worked for a year. then i finally decided it was time to do something with my life.

i moved to texas two weeks ago. i moved here to chase my dream to be a singer. whether it be in a musical or in a studio. i don’t care. i want to sing. nothing makes me happier. the -control freak- hates it, but this is my life not hers.

there you have it. sorry i tend to be a little long-winded. i get it from my dad.

so, that’s the where it all began. now we’ll see where it goes. wish me luck.

make sure your seat belts are fastened tightly, and remember to put your future in good hands – your own.

p.s. my name is chad.


i never thought i’d say ‘uncle’ to the overwhelming [personal] peer pressure that has been thrust upon me to start a blog.


the first entry is the most arduous. where do i start? what do i write about? will anyone even read this? so many questions pop into my head, and i have no answers to satisfy.

chasing your dream is probably the most difficult thing you’ll ever do in your life. it’s the one thing you want most that seems to be the most unattainable. i am currently en route to catching mine. i have followed every last drop of dream doo it has left behind, and i can finally see it in the distance. it’s a BIG dream. that’s the only reason i can see it right now. i still have copious amounts of work to do.

success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. you must set yourself on fire. -arnold h. glasow

welcome aboard my quest for greatness. there is only one rule on this ride.

put your future in good hands – your own.